Eating and Drinking

You can find every kind of foods and drinks in Antalya according your budget. There are very nice and elegant restaurants for different kind of foods from world kitchen. But you should try some of local traditonal foods of this region like Hülüklü SoupToros Salad and Girit Kebab with Artichoke.

What to See and Do

There are so much things to do in Antalya and you will never feel bored. You can take boat tour and have a great day. Or you can join one of our Antalya Tour and discover museums, historical sites with us. There are some places where you can have camel ride as well. You can visit Yivli Minareli MosqueKaratay Medrese (Theological College)Murat Pasa Mosque and Antalya Aquarium.

Where to Stay

There are very nice, modern and 5 star hotels in Antalya. If you like to stay in city center and little far from sea, that will cost you less Money. But if you want to stay in 5 star hotel with nice beaches, that will cost you little more Money. I am sure that you will like Antalya and want to comeback again. We will be glad to help you for better hotels with good location.

How to Get Around

It is always better to have local driver with you who knows city well. It will cost you same price like public transportations. By having a local guide and driver with you, you save your time and money as well.