Sultanahmet Mosque was built in 1609-1617. It is known as Blue Mosque, but the official name of mosque is Sultanahmet Mosque. There are 21 thousands of blue ceramic tiles adorning the interior of mosque with 260 windows. When the sunlight came in the mosque, it takes blue colour.

The architect of the mosque is Sedefkâr Mehemed Aga who was student of Architect Sinan. The mosque has 6 minarets, but the only one mosque on earth had same number and it just happened to be the holiest mosque which is the Masjid al-Ḥaram or Great Mosque of Mecca, in the world. Sultan Ahmed ordered a seventh minaret to be built in Mecca later and fand the solution by this way.

It is free of charge to visit Blue Mosque. You can visit Sultanahmet Mosque except for praying hours.


It is free of charge and open everyday except for praying hours.